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5 Reasons to Install an Electric Driveway Gate

5 Reasons to Install an Electric Driveway Gate

Electric driveway gates provide endless amounts of benefits, from the security to the convenience. This should help you to lean a bit more about the benefits of these gates so you can decide if they are right for you. These are 5 reasons that you should install an electric driveway gate.


Metal Driveway Gate

Security is the most common reason people install electric driveway gates. Of course, gates are not going to completely secure your home, however, they definitely protect it from intruders more than if they weren’t there. 

Your house may be hidden down a long driveway, away from the eyes of the public, if there was no security gate in place, the intruders could walk right up to your property and break-in with little chance of getting caught. On the other hand, if you have a gate located right at the beginning of your driveway by the road, intruders are much less likely to try to break in, this is because they aren’t hidden and could get caught by passers-by or neighbours. 


Wooden Driveway Gate

Although both electric and manual gates are great for securing your property, electric driveway gates are a lot more convenient. Rather than having to get out of the car every time you want to enter or exit your property, your electric gate can be opened easily through a tap of a button on a remote.

Property Value

Metal Gate

Since electric gates have many benefits such as security or convenience they, in turn, help you to sell your property more quickly and even add value to it. This is because potential buyers will see this security device as something that could protect their home and it saves them the hassle of installing one themselves.


Double Entrance with Wooden Driveway Gates

Controlling who enters your property is extremely important as both a home or business owner. These gates allow you to control that and keep track of everyone that enters. Electric gates, as we spoke about previously, provide that convenience factor too, so you can stay in the comfort of your own home while unlocking the gate for people.


iron driveway gate

By just putting a gate up shows that you are putting a deterrent in place to hopefully stop unwanted visitors. By doing these insurance companies could also reduce the cost of your insurance, since the risk of crime has been reduced.

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