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Different Types of Driveway Gates & Picking The Right One For You

Different Types of Driveway Gates & Picking The Right One For You

Are you currently in the process of looking to update your driveway? Installing a new driveway gate is an excellent way to do so. With the right driveway gate to your exterior, you can make your property visually appealing, whilst improving your overall security.

Choosing the right driveway gate can be difficult. At Vale Automation we know buying a new gate for your driveway can be a difficult decision with many different styles, sizes and materials available, along with the different opening mechanisms to choose from. This blog post should assist you in making the right decision.

What type of materials is best for my driveway gates?

One of the most important things to consider before installing your driveway gate is the type of material you want to go head with. The material you use will influence several factors such as the design you can go for, mechanism choices, how often maintenance is required and finally the size of the gate that you are able to install.

Some of the most common materials used for driveway gates are listed below:

Steel gates

One of the best materials from the list, in terms of durability making it suitable for most driveway installations. The strength of the material makes it resistant to almost any weather condition. If you are considering steel, then it’s important to know that it is one of the most expensive materials for driveway gates and is heavy so installing can be a longer process than other materials.

Wooden gates

If privacy is your main concern with your driveway then a wooden fence may be the right material for you. Wooden gates provide a more traditional and vintage look. It’s worth knowing that wooden gates will require more maintenance compared to other materials with paint, or a different coating to prevent rotting. 

Timber wood can create a more modern look depending on the material and if that is what you are after. When choosing timber material, make sure you go for a good quality exterior to ensure longevity.

Aluminium gates

Aluminium gates are well known for two of its properties, strength and its style. Aluminium is a very lightweight material, low maintenance and also can be personalised to your needs, which is one of the benefits of using a material as adaptable as aluminium!

With this type of material you can choose which type of design you would like to go for, along with the final paint finish that will complement your property and you won’t have to worry about weather damage or rust due to its metal elements.

Composite gates

Composite gates provide a good balance between its unique individual style and privacy with a look that is very similar to wooden gates. These types of gates require less maintenance compared to wood due to its property and only needs to be repainted every 5-10 years. 

This type of gate can have similar design choices that are available in a wooden gate. Composite gates don’t have the natural materials and delicacy as wood, so it cannot be tarnished as easily as wood. It can be painted and decorated with any outdoor weather paint making it more resilient and a better all round choice.

Wrought iron gates

If durability is something that you put high priority on for your gate, then wrought iron gates is a good option to consider. Available in a wide range of custom gate designs and giving a simple, elegant look. Iron gates provide that instant curb appeal and can boost your properties overall value. 

Iron is a tough material that can resist heavy use and harsher weather conditions. If properly cared for, wrought iron gates can last for a long period of time. They must be painted to avoid rusting and flaking and are recommended to be repainted every 5-7 years. 

Finally, they are also a very environmentally friendly choice and a reusable material so if this is an important factor for you when choosing a driveway gate then it would make an excellent choice.

Which type of gate opening mechanism / style should I pick?

Sliding Gates

As the name suggests, these types of gates open and close by sliding from side to side, and are concealed when opened. Offering a versatile approach, and can be installed on all types of different properties and can very easily be automated if that is something you would like.

Before installing sliding driveway gates you will have the choice of the gate splitting in the middle, and the two parts sliding in either opposite directions or can slide in one direction. This is entirely your decision, and is based on which is the best for your property.


  • Take up much less space when opening
  • More room on your drive for vehicles
  • Very reliable and can last for longer lifespans

Swinging Gates

Swinging gates are the more traditional type of gate, and more commonly found on both home driveways to commercial premises.They can be secured with traditional latches or by electronic devices such as keypads or remote functionality depending on what you are looking for.


  • Cost less than sliding gates – more affordable choice
  • Fairly straightforward to install
  • Generally smooth, quieter at opening
  • Require less maintenance than sliding gates

We hope this short guide helps you in making a decision about the type of different driveway gates choice available and picking the right one for your property.

To speak with a member of our team about any ideas you may have for your property or any further advice you may require, please contact us today on 01949 20423 or fill out our online contact form to discuss what kind of gates we have available to suit your home and style.