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How Do I Maintain My Aluminium Gates?

How Do I Maintain My Aluminium Gates?

Owner of aluminium gates? Wanting to maintain it to ensure its lasting for many years? Check out some of Vale Automation’s helpful tips that you can do to maintain your gates are of the highest quality!

1. Regularly Wash with Soapy Water

Apply soapy water onto your gate, and hose down the gate to get rid of any dirt that may be applied to the surface of your gate. Be sure to use a sponge or device to get into any tough spots in your fence, just be sure to not hurt yourself in the process!

2. Lookout for Rust

Rust on gates is never a good sign when it comes to gates. If you spot any rust on your gates, use sandpaper to rub it away. Be sure to not rub too hard as you may remove some of the paintwork!

3. Applying Primer

Applying primer to your gate can ensure it can be kept free from rust. Choose a primer that has rust inhibitors and comes with a spray mechanism, so it allows for easy application. To apply, open the gates wide and keep spraying the gate until you reach the bottom.

4. Ensure your Gate Works

Even if you don’t use your gate daily, be sure to make sure you do – to ensure it is fully working. This can be in the form of opening / closing the gate and locking the gate.

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