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What Do I Need To Consider When Buying A Driveway Gate?

What Do I Need To Consider When Buying A Driveway Gate?

Buying a driveway gate, especially for the first time, can be daunting. There are many different things that need to be considered when investing in something like this. However, when you get it right, it can be a stunning feature for the home, that adds kerb appeal and security. This guide should help you to decide which type of driveway gate is right for your home.


Automated Iron Gate

Before you even begin to think about what colour you want your gate or how tall you want it, you need to think about why you are getting it in the first place. Is it primarily for an aesthetic purpose or is it for security reasons or maybe even both? Whatever the reasons, just keep that in mind when choosing your gate.

Manual or Electric

Floral Iron Driveway Gate

Most driveway gates these days can be made to be automatic which is a more convenient way to operate them. However, although they will be easier to use it doesn’t mean they will stay that way. Without proper maintenance, you could run into problems, this is where choosing between a swing or slide gate is important. Swing gates are a much easier option when considering maintenance however, the slide gates are discrete and can be more appealing even though maintaining them can be a bit more work.

Swing or Slide

Large Wooden Driveway Gate

Swing gates come in both single or double doors depending on the width of your driveways. Double gates are more common than single ones, despite the fact that they are more awkward to open and close. Although these gates are less expensive than slide gates, they aren’t an option for everyone, if your driveway is on a slope or has some uneven surface then a swing gate may not work unless you even out the surface.

Sliding gates, on the other hand, use a track and rollers to move the gate to the side. This is a good option for people who have a lack of space either behind or in front of the gate or also for people who have uneven surfaces on the road. These gates are also good for people on the other end of the spectrum with larger than average driveways, with a swing gate, the hinges wouldn’t support the weight. These gates, however, do come at a more expensive price, due to them being very secure, which is why they are commonly used in commercial properties. More attractive options are also available for domestic users.

Wood or Metal

Cotgrave Driveway

Wood and metal are the most popular materials used for driveway gates. Wooden gates create a more traditional look to the property, the colour of the wood will complement any other wooden fences you have on the property or even the trees and bushes. This material is normally cheaper than metal however, it does come with its difficulties, when it is not maintained properly, the gates can warp preventing them from closing properly.

Metal gates, on the other hand, are more secure and are great for both domestic and commercial uses. Metal gates can be inexpensive if you choose to get them in a more practical and secure design like you would find in a school. If you are able to spend a bit more money, these gates can be designed bespoke and can be an extremely secure option. In addition, they are also very easy to maintain in comparison to wood.

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