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Key Advantages of Electric Driveway Gates

Key Advantages of Electric Driveway Gates

Whether you are looking to add an electric driveway gate for security or privacy reasons or perhaps you already have a gate but you’re tired of having to manually open/close it every time you leave, Vale Automation is here to help. Automated driveway gates are becoming an increasingly popular option for both commercial and domestic properties purely for the practicality and convenience they provide.

Control Access To Your Driveway/Car Park

Green end side gate

One of the primary reasons that people decide to upgrade to an electric driveway gate is because it allows you to control who can access your driveway or car park. Automated driveway gates come with a remote control, allowing you to open your driveway gate with ease. If you own a commercial property, you may choose to provide remote controls to your employees, therefore only the people you trust will be able to enter the car park.

Pet & Child Safety

Holmleigh Court Iron Driveway Gate

If you have any pets and children within the household, you’ll understand that you can’t keep your eyes on them 24/7. Installing an automated driveway gate will ensure that your pet or child can’t simply wander out into the street. This also protects them from any dogs or strangers that may wander up your driveway.

Made To Measure

Large Wooden Driveway Gate

Many people are detracted from the idea of a driveway gate as they feel like the design may not suit their property. This is not always the case though, we pride ourselves on providing a broad range of stylish driveway gate designs, all of which can be made to meet your exact requirements. Peace of mind is essential when it comes to getting an electric driveway gate installed, you should be happy with the design and the company that you go with.

Potentially Save On Your Insurance

Large Wooden Gate

Depending on which insurance provider you are using, you may find that they will cut your premium if you are to install an electric driveway gate. This is because a driveway gate adds a significant security feature to your property, therefore, we would recommend speaking with your insurer once your gate has been installed.

Property Value

Metal Driveway Gate

The addition of an electric driveway gate to your property can have a positive influence on your property value. This is because electric gates are generally regarded as being more stylish and prestigious than other styles of driveway gates. This can potentially result in buyers, especially if you are on a street in which the surrounding properties don’t have a driveway gate. You should also ensure that your driveway is well-maintained as an extra step for increasing the value of your property.

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